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Steven Roberts
Bsc. DC. MBCA Chiropractor

BCA - British Chiropractic AssociationGCC - General Chiropractic Council

Advice To Follow After Chiropractic Treatment

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  1. Avoid rubbing, probing or 'poking' in areas your doctor adjusts
  2. Avoid sudden twists or turns of movement beyond normal limits of motion, especially of the neck
  3. Avoid extreme bending of your spine in any direction; avoid excessive stretching, reaching or other overhead work
  4. Avoid bending or stooping sharply to pick up objects; rather bend your knees to minimise the strain on your lower back
  5. When lifting, keep your back straight; bend your knees and let your legs bear the strain. Hold the object lifted as close to your body as possible
  6. Watch your posture at all times; stand tall, sleep tall and THINK tall!
  7. When sitting, choose a chair that has adequate firmness to hold your weight comfortably, and then sit straight. Avoid too soft, stuffed chairs
  8. Cross your legs only at the ankles, not the knees. Crossing your legs at the knees could aggravate an excisting back condition as well as interfere with the circulation of the lower limbs
  9. Be sure to get plenty of sleep to allow your body to recuperate and repair
  10. Sleep on a firm mattress, preferably one which is neither too hard nor too soft. It should be just firm enough to hold your body level while at the same time soft enough so that your shoulders, buttocks etc will depress into the mattress
  11. Set aside a special time each day for complete mental and physical relaxation. This is important in the restoration - as well as maintenance - of normal health
  12. Your pillow should be neither too high nor too low. The ideal pillow is one which supports your head so that your neck vertebrae will be level with the rest of your spine. Avoid sleeping on two pillows; never lie on a couch with your head on the arm rest
  13. Sleep on your back or on your side with your legs flexed slightly, not drawn up tightly. Avoid sleeping on your stomach
  14. Rise from your bed by turning on your side and swinging your legs off the bed, then push yourself into a sitting position with your arms, this minimises the amount of strain on your back
  15. Do not sleep sitting in a chair or in cramped quarters. Lie down in a bed when it is time to sleep

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