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Steven Roberts
Bsc. DC. MBCA Chiropractor

BCA - British Chiropractic AssociationGCC - General Chiropractic Council

Welcome To The Llangollen Chiropractic Website

Chiropractic is a natural approach for enhancing your health and quality of life. We see people of all ages from newborns to the elderly, pregnancy, children and athletes, starting at any age and benefiting the whole family.

With clinics in Llangollen and Wrexham we are conveniently situated for your chiropractic care in North Wales and North West England.

Chiropractic is a regulated primary healthcare profession. Chiropractors are trained to diagnose, treat, manage and prevent disorders of the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, and muscles), as well as the effects these disorders can have on the nervous system and general health. They have a specialist interest in neck and back pain, but when they assess patients, they take their entire physical, emotional and social wellbeing into account.

Chiropractors use a range of techniques to reduce pain, improve function and increase mobility, including hands-on manipulation of the spine. As well as manual treatment, chiropractors are able to offer a package of care which includes advice on self-help, therapeutic exercises and lifestyle changes. Although chiropractors are best known for treating back and neck pain, which they do very well, patients also consult chiropractors regarding a range of other, related physical conditions.

Wrexham Chiropractic Clinic

Chiropractic treatment mainly involves safe, often gentle, specific spinal manipulation to free joints in the spine or other areas of the body that are not moving properly. Apart from manipulation, chiropractors may use a variety of techniques including ice, heat, ultrasound, exercise and acupuncture as well as advice about posture and lifestyle.

At our clinics we treat all sorts of ailments including:

And many more...

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